Pirated, pt. 2

Oh what sweet
Sad words the
Siren sings as
She calls out
To the ships
The island looks
Lush and she
Tempts them to
Come, land, and
Claim her and
Her bounty, it’s
Right here for
Them to taste
But she’s no
Lonely maiden
A seductress
And good
At drawing
In pirates and
Drowning them
If they’re not
So quickly
On their way


How do I stop
Being conquered
And grow in
To something
A bit more
For I’m wrecked
By every flag
That gets planted
But I’ve long been
Disputed territory
No one ever stays
To cultivate me
So I build up
An empire
Of my own
But I’m weak
I’m not strong
I’ve got to stop
Looking for allies
In every passing ship

Smoking just isn’t for me.

I honestly wouldn’t know
which side of a cigarette
to light, but you
suck them in
to coat your lungs
and coat your brain
and smoke coats
every word that you say
so I smoked a pipe last night
to loosen the grip
of your words on my mind
so I could go to bed
in my own woozy daze
but then I don’t remember
a single word I said
as I spat them out,
angry and dead.
Smoking just isn’t for me.


Every night I go to bed I say, “when I wake up I’ll try again.”
Every morning I stay in bed I say, “when I wake up I’ll try again.”

Also if anyone has a request for a poem (or prose piece of course) you’d like me to read, let me know.
I think I’ve figured out the best way to post audio, so you should be seeing it soon!
Goodnight lovelies!

trappedamidstmythoughts asked: Not sure if you would be willing to do it on youtube with the words or a collage of pictures and then do a link post. Just a thought, I hope you figure it out.

Thanks for the suggestion, I guess I could just do a video/link post, I just thought there should be a way to upload the file directly… But I haven’t figured that out yet. Thanks, though!


Hey guys, I’ve been trying to post an audio recording of me reading some of my writing, but I can’t seem to make it work. I googled it and followed the steps for posting by email, converted my file to an mp3, and so I’m either still missing something or I just can’t make it work…

Who else has posted audio files of themselves? What worked best for you?

Thanks in advance!

It’s true, every time
I’ll prioritize you
But I’m a poet
And every truth
Is half a lie
Just to make
The words come
Out right, so
When I say
I’m in charge
Of my own life
That’s partly true
But it’s not
Totally true
And it could be
If it wasn’t for you
And that’s definitely
Not a little bit true
You won’t even
Ask for more
Than a moment
Or two, but
Just know
Every time
I’ll prioritize

1) I broke things off as he drove me to the airport. Unsuccessfully, I suppose, because we kept having sex for months after that.

2) Seeing him ended my friendship with his sister. She drove us apart. I lost them both.

3) The sex was great, but we stopped it when we realized we were better off as friends. We both dated other people and have remained good friends.

4) I saw the breakup coming, when he didn’t even have sex with me on my birthday. He was my longest relationship, but always made me feel the most unwanted.

5) He deserves mention, though we knew the distance would be too much. The flame was easily rekindled, but it’s all since faded away.

6) He broke my heart, he changed, he never really wanted me to stay, even when I saw him every day. He was the best and the worst I’ve ever had.

7) He could barely look at me as he gathered his things. I’m sorry I hurt him. I’m sorry I liked feeling wanted, even though I wasn’t ready to let him stay.

8) Neither of us were prepared for those kind of feelings after we’d been friends for so long, so we backed off. Given better circumstances, I think we’d have had a chance.

9) I never knew when it might be our last night, but we embraced the time we had. We were perfect together. One night was finally the last.

10) He convinced me I deserved someone who would try. I wanted him to try.

11) I didn’t even say goodbye before I moved away, he’d already been fading into the distance.

12) to be continued.